CTET-UPTET English Pedagogy SET-2

CTET-UPTET Child Pedagogy(बाल विकास एवं शिक्षाशास्त्र) Questions Set-2 in Hindi के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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16. Which of the following activities needs to be taken care of for helping non-native speakers to produce the sounds of the target language?
Maintaining the regional interference 

17. The concept of transformative generative grammar was given by
Noam Chomsky

18. Tail question also refers to
question tag

19. A speech community refers to a group of people who
share homogeneity with reference to their value system

20. Activating learners' scheme means
making a link between the topic and learners' background knowledge and experience

21. As per Noam Chomsky's theory, the role of Language Acquisition Device (LAD) is to
learn languages in formal schools

22. Prediction in terms of reading refers to
using prior knowledge of the subject and the ideas in the text as clues to the meanings of unknown words

23. While listening to a speech in English, sometimes we listen to basic unit of a sound, a syllable and a word, then a sentence and then a paragraph to decode the meaning of the complete speech. This mental process can be described as
Middle-path approach

24. In free writing, a learner is engaged in
expressing ideas without giving much attention to spelling and grammar

25. Susheela discussed a short story in the classroom and asked her students to write an article for a newspaper on the theme of the story. What is the writing known as?
extrapolative writing

26. A question tag is also known as a
tail question

27. Mind-mapping helps the students to
brainstorm, explore any idea and expand it

28. Grammatical structures can be practiced in a controlled manner by
explaining the use of particular structures

29. Interactive listening means listening
to judge the speaker's mood and tone

30. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation of learner is
periodic assessment of learning



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