Eastern Economic Forum-

The Prime Minister announced that India would be giving 1 billion dollar worth 'Line of Credit' for the development of the Far East.

For the first time that India would be giving line of credit to an area of another country. PM Modi said that his government's 'Act East Policy' has actively engaged East Asia and he believes that India's credit line offer would serve as a take-off point of 'Act Far East'.

Indo-Pacific Region-
PM Modi announced that he and President Putin have decided to start a new phase of cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region. Towards this, the two leaders have agreed to a proposal to establish a maritime link between Chennai and Vladivostok.
Far East Street Exhibition-
Narendra Modi also attended the ‘Far East Street’ exhibition with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The ‘Far East Street’ exhibition showcased the vibrant culture of the Russian Far East.



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