RuPay Card-

RuPay card was launched by PM Narendra Modi in Bhutan.PM Narendra Modi also  signed 10 MoUs  between both countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched India's RuPay card in Bhutan by purchasing at Simtokha Dzong, that function as a administrative monastic and centre.

RuPay card launching will be done in two phases- in the first phase, India's banks will issue RuPay cards that can be used by Indian travellers in Bhutan; in second phase-banks of Bhutan will be empower to issue RuPay cards to Bhutanese citizens to use in India.

10 MoUs (Memorandum of Understandings)-

India and Bhutan signed 10 MoUs (Memorandum of Understandings) in IT, Power, Education, Space reasearch and Aviation sectors.

PM Modi announced an additional $100 million to Bhutan under the SAARC currency swap framework to meet foreign exchange requirements. He along with Bhutanese Prime Minister Lotay Tshering jointly inaugurated the SATCOM network and Ground Earth Station, developed with the assistance from ISRO for utilisation of South Asia Satellite in Bhutan.

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